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Our Lady of the Angels Parish, Fort Saskatchewan

  • CTK
  • Parish
  • est. 1908

Our Lady of the Angels parish began as a mission of Our Lady of Lourdes in Lamoureux, Alberta, led by Father Arthur Rappard OFM. The first mass was celebrated on 3 May 1908 in the parlor of Thomas Sullivan. Later that month, on 28 May 1908, mass began to be celebrated in the hall of what was formerly the Victoria Restaurant rented from Napoleon Millette. On 27 Sep 1909, construction began on the church building on one acre of land granted by the government from the police reserve on Government Street. The first mass in the building was celebrated on 25 Dec 1909, Midnight mass and High mass. On 8 May 1910, the completed church building was blessed by Bishop Legal. Franciscan fathers served the parish until June 1950, when Our Lady of the Angels parish reverted to a mission parish of Lamoureux and the Archdiocese of Edmonton took over the parish from the Franciscan Order.

Paes, Xavier

  • CTK
  • Person
  • 23 Oct 1918 - 14 Feb 1991

Fr. Xavier Paes was born John Sebastian Paes on 23 Oct 1918 in Karachi, Pakistan, to father John Braz Paes and mother Matilda Nazareth. Fr. Xavier made his solemn profession on [7/8] Sep 1940 in Alverna, Holland. He studied Philosophy and Theology in Holland and he was ordained to the priesthood on 11 Mar 1945 in Weert, Holland.

Fr. Xavier worked as a missionary and chaplain on his return to Pakistan in 1945. From 1946-1952, he was a chaplain at two Catholic institutions: St. Anthony's and St. Patrick's Cathedral in Karachi. From 1952-1956, he did missionary work in Matti, then he worked as a teacher in Sukkar until 1960. From 1960-1975, Fr. Xavier was the parish priest in Karachi. He then worked as a missionary from Hyderabad, while living in the Bishop's Residence.

In 1984, Fr. Xavier went on leave for a year and visited his relatives who were in Canada. While in Canada, he joined the friars in western Canada. He served for one year as an interim local ministry both in Victoria and Vancouver friaries in 1985 and 1986 respectively. In 1987 until his death, he stayed at St. Joseph's Friary in Victoria. Fr. Xavier died on 14 Feb 1991 in Calgary while convalescing from an illness.

Paradis, Engelbert

  • CTK
  • Person
  • 20 Feb 1904 - 25 Mar 1993

Joseph Germain Jean-Baptiste Paradis was born in Grondines, Quebec on 20 Feb 1904 to Joseph Odilon Paradis and Adeline Paradis (nee Hardy).
He received the Franciscan habit in Sherbrooke, Quebec, on 17 Aug 1924, taking the religious name Engelbert. He made his solemn profession on 15 Sep 1928. He was ordained to the priesthood on 29 Jun 1931.

Fr. Engelbert held several positions including the following:

  • Teacher at St. Anthony’s College in Edmonton, AB, 1931-1939
  • Superior of St. Francis Friary in Winnipeg, MB, 1939-1942
  • Chaplain for the Canadian Army in Europe during the Second World War, 1942-1946
  • Pastor of Notre Dame du Lac Parish in Lac du Bonnet, MB, 1947-1950
  • Pastor of St. Francis Parish in Edmonton, AB, 1950-1951
  • Chaplain for Canadian Army, 1951-1956
  • Priest at St. Joseph Friary in Victoria, BC, and chaplain for Sisters of St. Ann, 1956-1993

Fr. Engelbert died on 25 Mar 1993 in Victoria, BC. He is buried in Ocean View cemetery

Paroisse Sainte-Marie, Winnipeg

  • CTK
  • Parish
  • est. 1948

St. Vital was an eastern suburb of St. Boniface and is part of greater Winnipeg. Paroisse Sainte-Marie contained French-speaking families and was given to the Franciscans by Archbishop Cabana of St. Boniface in 1948. Fr. Amedee Houle was the founder and organizer of the parish, which had a church and school combined. Fr. Fidelis Chicoine also served as the pastor of the parish.

Puech, Leonard

  • CTK
  • Person
  • 8 Nov 1902 - 27 Apr 1984

Fr. Leonard Marie Puech was born Charles Louis Marie on 8 Nov 1902 in Malben, France. He took the habit on 7 Sep 1921 and made his solemn profession on 8 Sep 1925. Fr. Leonard was ordained in Montreal on 25 Jul 1928.

Fr. Leonard taught at various places including Montreal (1930-1931), San Antonio, Rome (1931-1934), and Quebec City (Dec 1934-Apr 1935). In the summer of 1945, Fr. Leonard was appointed Visitator General of the Province of the Holy Gospel in Mexico. From 1945-1949, he was the Definitor Provincial of that Province, and later the Custos from 1949-1951. Starting in 1954, Fr. Leonard spent much of his time preaching in Canada, USA, Mexico, and Colombia. In 1957, he was appointed Visitator General of the Province of the Holy Gospel in Mexico once more.

From 1958-1961, Fr. Leonard was the professor of theology at Regina Cleri Major Seminary. In 1961-1967, he was the Custodial Councillor and served various other roles including Vicar, Master of student priests, clerics, and brothers, Spiritual director, Rector of the Seminary, and Guardian of the friary. In 1972, Fr. Leonard moved to Vancouver and was the parish assistant and author of a weekly column on spiritual life in the BC Catholic paper.

Fr. Leonard died on 27 Apr 1984 and is buried in Oceanview Cemetery in Vancouver.

Regina Cleri Major Seminary, Regina

  • CTK
  • Educational institution
  • 1932 - 1975

Regina Cleri Major Seminary was founded on 6 Jan 1932 and opened in 15 Sep 1932. It was established by Most Rev. J.C. McGuigan, Archbishop of Regina, at 2107 McIntyre street, Regina, Saskatchewan. The seminary was housed in what had been the Archbishop's residence, which was purchased by the Franciscans in 1931. The faculty included Director and prefect of studies, Archbishop Mcguigan; spiritual director, Father Celestine Joseph Demers, OFM; professor of moral theology and prefect of discipline, Father Joseph Phelan; professor of dogma, Very Rev. Hadien Malo, OFM; professor of canon law, Very Rev. Dr. Frank Gerein; professor of sacred scripture, Rev. Father Antoine McGolrick. Courses available included dogmatic theology, moral theology, sacred scripture, canon law, church history, liturgy, ecclesiastical chant, spiritual theology, catechetics, social sciences. The Seminary was closed on 5 Jun 1965. The property was leased as a federal youth hostel for four months in 1974. On 18 Feb 1975, the building was sold and was later demolished.

Regina Minorum Friary, Regina

  • CTK
  • Friary
  • 1931 - 1975

Regina Minorum Friary was established in 1931 when Archbishop McGuigan invited the Franciscans to the Archdiocese of Regina. On 10 May 1931, the Franciscans agreed to purchase what was formerly the Archbishop's residence on 2107 McIntyre Street for the Franciscan residence and closed retreats. The first mass was celebrated in the Friary on 4 Jul 1931. The Franciscan residence was dedicated for closed retreats on 6 Sep 1931. However, in 1932, Archbishop McGuigan requested the Franciscans to forego closed retreats for the time being and instead offer the use of their residence for education. The Franciscans were asked to take charge of the education and formation of future priests. Thus, the Regina Cleri Major Seminary was established in 1932. In 1936, the western commissariate of the Franciscans was formed and Regina Minorum Friary was chosen as the headquarters for the new Commissariate of Christ the King with Fr Celestine Demers, who was the Superior of the Friary and Vice Rector of the Seminary, as the first Commissary Provincial.

St. Charles Parish, Winnipeg

  • CTK
  • Parish
  • Franciscan presence, 1949 - 1979

In 1854, Fr. Louis LaFleche, OMI, constructed a small log chapel by the Assiniboine River to minister to the Metis families in the area. The first regular church was built in 1866 by Fr. Lestanc, but it was destroyed by a windstorm in 1884. A new Gothic-style church building was constructed in 1905. On New Years Eve 1928, this building was destroyed by fire. The church was quickly rebuilt and stood until new additions were started in 1987 and completed in 1988.

In 1917, the parish was transferred from the Archdiocese of St. Boniface to the newly formed Archdiocese of Winnipeg. From 1858 to 1928, the French Oblates were the pastors of the Parish, and the German Oblates were pastors until 1949. In 1949, Archbishop Murray gave the Parish to the Franciscans who administered it until 1979. In 1979, the Franciscans returned the administration of the Parish to the Archdiocese of Winnipeg.

St. Francis of Assisi Friary, Calgary

  • CTK
  • Friary
  • 1959 - 1989

St. Francis of Assisi Friary was established when the Franciscans were entrusted St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Calgary, Alberta. The Friary was located at 243-24 Avenue N.W. The Friary was closed and the Franciscans left in 1989.

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